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PAF School for special children is providing great humanitarian services to special needs children. The idea for the school was realized by PAFWA that no educational facilities existed for special needs children.Therefore with their guidance and generous support the school started functioning on 2nd April 1990 at chaklala base.Intially special schools were started at five big bases and subsequently this facility is extended to all principal bases / formation/units.


The school aim is to provide maximum opportunities to develop to their fullest capacity for their socialization, emotional stability, self-confidence and economic independence to make them join the mainstream world.

The PAF School is providing services to three disabilities.


Optimal development of children with disabilities for the realization of their full potential in all walks of life especially in the areas of health education, social, economic and vocational needs for the fulfillment of their presents as well as future requirements.


To provide access to facilities this may lead to their integration and mainstreaming in all spheres of life.


Admissions are mainly accepted in three disabilities;

The minimum age requirement is 3-20years.Children who are properly assessed is given admission.Girls accommodated in morning shift and boys above 12 years accommodated in second shift.

The maximum strength per-class is 15:1.


Timings (Morning Shift)

Monday To Thursday Friday
Winter 0830 hrs 1200 hrs 0830 hrs 1130 hrs
Summer 0830 hrs 1200 hrs 0830 hrs 1130 hrs

Timings (2nd Shift)

Monday To Friday
Winter & Summer 1230 hrs 0330 hrs

Last Updated : 13 February, 2017