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Bilquis Postgraduate College for Women has a proud privilege to produce quite a good number of distinguished students who served and still serving the nation in different capacities. College has also shown marvelous result at Punjab University level and got gold medals. Students of the College got Quaid-i-Azam Trophy, a highest award of the College awarded to overall best student of the year. Their names are listed in the subsequent paragraphs.

Some of the shining stars of the college its Alumnae are as under:-

Students' CouncilTop

No body can deny the significance of the key role played by the Students Council to facilitate the college administration. Our students' council is a team of young, energetic and enthusiastic members who strive hard to perform their duties.

These are some of the important duties, which are assigned to the council members:

Designations of Students' CouncilTop

These are some of the offices, which are headed by the members of the council not only to help in proper functioning of the college but also promote peace and harmony among the students and college administration.

Disciplinary Committee
English Society
Urdu Society
Seerat Society
Singing Society
Art Society
Dramatic Society
Current Affairs Society
Sports Society
Class Prefects
Library Assistants

Morning Assembly/ Tajweed-e- Quran ClassTop

The daily assembly is held at the beginning of every working day. Students of all disciplines, faculty members and the principal attend the assembly. It provides them a chance to interact on daily basis. The assembly is conducted by the collaborating efforts of the Students’ council and the faculty members. In this way the day is begun with the holy name of Almighty Allah, praise of the Holy Prophet and daily prayers. The students pray to Allah and resolve to gain knowledge, wisdom and insight, and thereby serve the country and the Ummah. They also share matters of current affairs in this time.

Once a week the assembly is extended to a half an hour session in which a Tajweed-e-Quran class is held. The objective of this class is to impart fehm-e-quran of a basic level to students and staff members, which promises eternal bliss to the followers of Islam

College Uniform

Students of all disciplines will wear the following items of uniforms

Uniform of PAF Montessori And School For Special EducationTop

The children of PAF Montessori and PAF School for Special Education will wear the following items of uniform

Winter Uniform

Boys : Trouser Navy blue colour, full sleeves shirt of Navy blue checks with white background, full sleeves Navy Blue colour sweater, black shoes and white socks.

Girls : Navy blue colour legging, full sleeves frock with Navy blue checks shirt of white background and Navy blue colour upper, full sleeves Navy blue colour sweater (front open), black shoes and white socks.

Summer Uniform

Boys : Shorts Navy blue colour, half sleeves shirt of Navy blue checks with white background, black shoes and white socks.

Girls : Half sleeves frock with Navy checks shirt of white backgrounds and blue colour upper, black shoes and white socks.

Last Updated : 30 May, 2023