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Fazaia Bilquis College for Women PAF Nur Khan Rawalpindi

Due Date:20-December-2022

Note: Fee Bill must invariably be paid in any branch of Habib Bank Limited by 20 of each month.

Failing which the name of Studentwill be struck off from College roll without further intimation.

  • BS Eng-17 S-2022 (2nd Semester)
  • BS Eng-18 F-2022 (1st Semester)
  • BS Math-8 F-2019 (7th Semester)
  • BS Math-9 F-2020 (5th Semester)
  • BS Math-10 F-2021 (3rd Semester)
  • BS Math-11 F-2022 (1st Semester)
  • BS Psy-8 S-2019 (8th Semester)
  • BS Psy-9 F-2019 (7th Semester)
  • BS Psy-10 S-2020 (6th Semester)
  • BS Psy-11 F-2020 (5th Semester)
  • BS Psy-12 S-2021 (4th Semester)
  • BS Psy-13 F-2021 (3rd Semester)
  • BS Psy-14 S-2022 (2nd Semester)
  • BS Psy-15 F-2022 (1st Semester)
  • BSCS-8 F-2019 (7th Semester)
  • BSCS-9 F-2020 (5th Semester)
  • BSCS-10 F-2021 (3rd Semester)
  • BSCS-11 F-2022 (1st Semester).
  • MA Eng-19 S-2022 (2nd Semester)
  • MMOT-54 S-2022 (2nd Semester)
  • MMOT-55 F-2022 (1st Semester)
  • B.Ed (2.5 Years)-6 F-2021 (3rd Semester)
  • B.Ed (2.5 Years)-8 F-2022 (1st Semester).pdf
  • B.Ed (4 Years)-5 F-2020 (5th Semester)
  • B.Ed (4 Years)-6 F-2021 (3rd Semester)
  • B.Ed (4 Years)-7 S-2022 (2nd Semester)
  • B.Ed (4 Years)-8 F-2022 (1st Semester)
  • BBA-10 S-2019 (8th Semester)
  • BBA-11 F-2019 (7th Semester)
  • BBA-12 S-2020 (6th Semester)
  • BBA-13 F-2020 (5th Semester)
  • BBA-14 S-2021 (4th Semester)
  • BBA-15 F-2021 (3rd Semester)
  • BBA-16 S-2022 (2nd Semester)
  • BBA-17 F-2022 (1st Semester)
  • BS Eng-11 S-2019 (8th Semester)
  • BS Eng-12 F-2019 (7th Semester)
  • BS Eng-14 F-2020 (5th Semester)
  • BS Eng-15 S-2021 (4th Semester)
  • BS Eng-16 F-2021 (3rd Semester)

  • If you have any questions, please contact or call at 051-5506435, 051-9525595, 051-9525593, 0307-9924011