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Welcome to WOOP Internship Program

This internship program, offers the potentials of BPGC(W), including current/regular students and Alumni, exchanging an incomparable title “WOOP (We Own Our Potentials) Internship Program”.
We believe that a diverse internship opportunity should be provided from alma mater to alumni and the current students. An internship plays an important role in a University degree as it bridges theoretical knowledge with practical skills that are needed in one’s professional life. The Department of Student Affairs has developed a comprehensive internship program to facilitate students in preparing for and applying for internships that meet their career goals and field of interest.

The aim of the internship program is to provide the student (future professional) with a comprehensive practical experience in a setting where learning is the primary objective of the experience to this end, the basic purpose of the internship are:

For the Student:

to complete her professional preparation program in a controlled and supervised field experience.

For the College:

to sponsor and guide the students and to interpret the experience while the student applies theoretical knowledge to practice.

Important things to remember:

  • The internship credit hour does not mean the course credit hour and they would not include in the final degree.
  • The internees are not considered as employee of the College.
  • In case of leave/absence, internee must report to the respective Coordinator, Incharge Student Affairs, Vice Principal and Principal.
  • No leave is allowed.

Research & Development:

  1. Research assistants will work as internees with Research and Development Department.
  2. Will participate and organize the research events.
  3. Prepare the brochures and banners for seminar, workshops and symposiums for R&D.
  4. Responsible for the notification of all research events of R&D departments. Notices are to be displayed on all notice boards.
  5. Will work in development projects of R&D.
  6. Keep record of minutes of meetings.
  7. Research assistants will organize documents, files and folders.
  8. Coordinate with research department of other institutes for the purpose of collaboration.
  9. Keep updating for the upcoming conferences and workshops with in Pakistan and display notifications.
  10. Prepare annul performance graphs and charts for R&D.
  11. Responsible for making Journal of events.
  12. Will report for all the events of R&D.

English Department:

  1. To provide special assistance to HoD during the events.
  2. To prepare English department event reports to be later used in department report and newsletter.
  3. To look for potential capacity building program/s related to linguistics and literature and assist in providing ways to the resources.
  4. To prepare and explore researchable areas for proposals writing and preparing a pool of researchable items.
  5. To engage/monitor students in activities and look for potential research assistants for future.
  6. Search and assist English linguistics or literature related national and international forms, scholarship opportunities, grooming sessions. The purpose of this activity will be to broaden horizons of knowledge for students and help them in networking which is need of time. Identifying and helping HoD in eminent scholarship sessions like Fulbright and Erasmus will be very helpful for our students.
  7. Help HoD in first level editing of the received documents. English faculty and HoD will do second and third level editing and proof reading respectively. This has a dual benefit, a)the department faculty will get extra aid and b) students will be groomed and their proofreading and editing skills will be refined.

Student Affairs Department:

  1. To schedule appointments with students.
  2. To gather and enter data, maintain, and update student activities/events data
  3. To maintain bulletin boards and other information areas with career information
  4. To provide clerical support for various programs and functions including college outreach and recruitment programs, advising, career counseling
  5. To plan and arrange social, cultural and recreational activities.
  6. To provide support in arranging seminars, workshops, open houses, college functions, promotional events etc.
  7. To display the list of job opportunities in respect to the programs of college.
  8. To display the internship opportunities
  9. To provide support in creating direct connections of Department Student Affairs with HR/Recruitment departments of the top/relevant institutes/organizations.
  10. Weekly displays of the activities
  11. To provide support in managing Alumni meetups, update ALUMNI regarding upcoming events and opportunities.
  12. Graphics and IT support in each event is a MUST.

Sports and Student Council:

  1. Record Keeping.
  2. Data entry.
  3. Attend all queries in the absence of director physical education.
  4. Issuance of sports equipment.
  5. Assists in organizing sports activities in college.
  6. Assists in sports activities outside the college.
  7. Assists in discipline matters of students in college.
  8. Co-ordination between office of Director physical education and all other offices.


  1. Bibliography (Subject Wise).
  2. Shelving According Cutter Mark Rules
  3. Making and pasting spine Label
  4. Filling the Form No. 1016.
  5. Labeling and covering the books
  6. Data entry
  7. Pasting barcode


  • Bridge theoretical knowledge with practical skills
  • To gain work experience before graduation
  • Networking with potential supervisors
  • Provides opportunity to start experiencing and understanding the work place
  • Meets career goals and field of interest
  • Develops professional and practical kills


Only unpaid internships are being offered at initial stage.

Benefits to the Students

  • Hands-on experience
  • Real-world decision making
  • Develop and improve skills in communication, critical thinking, problem solving, negotiation, leadership and teamwork
  • Build connections with professionals
  • Build a strong professional portfolio
  • Increase employment prospects
  • Ethical conduct and social responsibility

Benefits to the Students

  • Extra set of hands
  • Mentorship opportunities
  • Fresh perspectives to enhance social strategy
  • Help with projects and tasks
  • Cost free labor

WOOP In-House Internship Program is all about?

The Office of Student Affairs strongly recommends students to take up full-time internships during their summer break, or part-time internships during the semester (if their schedule allows for the same). Incharge Student Affairs will actively facilitate students in acquiring internship opportunities.

Students can work as an intern for a variety of organizations and institutions in diverse sectors. There would be different types of internships that they can apply for;

  • In-House Internships (BPGCW)
    1. Paid vs Unpaid Internships
    2. Part-time vs full time internships

  • Professional internships – working with organizations in the corporate sector
    1. Paid vs Unpaid Internships
    2. Part-time vs full time internships

  • Social Internships ¬¬– working with organizations focusing on community welfare and social development; this can include volunteer work as well
    1. Paid vs Unpaid Internships
    2. Part-time vs full time internships

  • International internships – Students may get opportunities to work with an organization outside Pakistan
    1. Paid vs Unpaid Internships
    2. Part-time vs full time internships

Phase 1 : Unpaid

  • Spring, Fall

  • Current Students: Duration
    1. Minimum 8 weeks
    2. Maximum16 weeks
    3. (5 cr.hrs. per week in each case)

  • Alumni: Duration
    1. Minimum 8 weeks
    2. Maximum16 weeks
    3. (24 cr.hrs. per week in each case)

  • Certificates, WOOP Award