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PAF Montessori was established in 1988 consisting of three levels (Junior, Senior and Advance Montessori) as a lab school for the students of MMOT (Montessori Method of Teaching) to provide them the required training in teaching. With the passage of time the Montessori flourished into a well reputed and trusted Montessori for young children and the strength and demand of admission in each class made it necessary to expand the Montessori and to add more sections per level. Presently it has eleven (11) spacious and attractive classrooms (Four Juniors Four Seniors and Three Advance) classes of each level. Total strength till date is above 250 children. The session starts in March and ends in February.

We strictly follow the Montessori Method of teaching which was introduced by Dr Maria Montessori. It is a scientific method in which we use the child's potentialities to educate him. We use different exercises and materials to develop the senses and skill of our young learners. We keep up with the latest techniques to keep the children happy. As Dr Maria Montessori said one test of the correctness of the education procedure is the happiness of the child here we give children the freedom and provide them with the prepared environment. The classes are well equipped with the Montessori material, according to the age and need of that level.

The building is spacious, Air Conditioned and well ventilated, has two big grounds and swings. Along with the extra curricular activities we annually arrange the colorful Art Exhibition, Sports Day and Graduation Ceremony .We try our best to make each and every child participate in such like activities.

We also take children to educational as well as recreational trips; we have a separate activity room which we use for various activities such as for learning music and computer or to watch educational programs and informative videos. Each class also has it's own library corner to develop love for reading books.

Our basic goal is to make children independent, confident and a better human being so that they can live a happy and successful life.

Main objectives of the school are:

Montesorri Terms :

First Term March - September
Final Term October- February

Age Groups :

Junior Montessori 2 ½ Year to 3 ½ years
Senior Montessori 3 ½ year to 4 ½ years
Advance Montessori 4 ½ year to 5 ½ years

Co curricular Activities

Following events are held regularly for grooming and character building of the students. The main purpose of these events is to expose and promote the hidden talents of our students and to enrich their civic sense as well as interpersonal relationships.

The following functions are held :
Awareness in classes/ Assembly on following:

Timings (Winter / Summer)

Monday To Thursday Friday
Class From To From To
Junior 0900 hrs 1230 hrs 0900 hrs 1200 hrs
Senior 0830 hrs 1245 hrs 0830 hrs 1215 hrs
Advance 0830 hrs 1300 hrs 0830 hrs 1230 hrs


Top Diploma Course in Montessori Method of Teaching
Mrs Khalida Bashir : Nov, 1984
Mrs Tahir Majid : Aug, 1986
Miss Moazama Sadiq : Aug, 1999
Miss Farzana Gill : Aug, 2000
PAF Montessori BPGC(W)
Mrs Afshan Sabahat : Oct, 2001
Miss Shabana Hasan : Mar, 2010
Mrs Nazli Qamer : Nov, 2010


Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment.

Montessori schooling encompasses the initial and the most crucial phase of a child's life. During this important period a child experiences rapid growth, essential brain development and reaches decisions about his own worth and abilities. Growth of a child is not merely a harmonious increase in size, but a transformation. In the backdrop of this imperative factor, our Montessori follows a specially designed curriculum in line with the guidelines of Maria Montessori and Oxford School Systems. We believe that education should no longer be mostly imparting knowledge, but must take a new path, seeking the release of human potentials. Our curriculum aims to stimulate children, both mentally and physically, thereby equipping and enabling each child to enter the social world beyond family as well as encounter and deal with the challenges, set by the World. Montessori education is a highly specialized field and thus our faculty is adequately trained to implement the curriculum.

Our Montessori works under the vision of Mrs Chief of the Air Staff. She has a natural knack for child education and remains committed and personally involved in improving the overall standards of this elite institution.

You can pose a great trust in us by leaving your treasure in our hands. We assure you that we will support your children in all possible ways so that they will bloom to be different but lovely flowers. They are our future and future of our nation.

Mrs Nazli Qamer
PAF Montessori BPGC(W)
PAF Base Nur Khan

Last Updated : 13 February, 2017